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ALL LIVEMANTIS.COM PRODUCTS ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK : We slowed down for a while and we're currently in the process of expanding facilities to keep up with demand! Mantis sales will resume in mid August, 2018. Plant, seed and praying mantis egg sales will resume in winter 2019 or early spring, 2020.

Be sure to visit our free Praying Mantis Care Instructions ebook in simple html form, no download required. We have posted a large number of care instruction pages in the form of an easy to use html webpage format ebook. We hope that this guide will help you to raise your praying mantis, keeping it healthy, safe and comfortable!

ALL products are currently sold out while we expand to keep up with demand. Thank you for your patience while we expand, we'll be back soon :)

Live Plants, seeds and praying mantis insects ship during all seasons, hot or cold weather shipping is not a problem as each product is carefully packaged to protect against the elements.

BASIC PRAYING MANTIS CARE INSTRUCTIONS : The USDA approved mantis insects offered here are easy to raise indoors in the classroom. They are kept at room temperature, they require no special mats, lights or containers and can be fed with feeder insects from your local pet store, or placed on plants where small pets insects are abundant. Mantis insects are shipped to you in temporary containers, they will need a container upgrade within a couple of weeks of arrival. Don't spend too much money on containers if you don't need to, you can make a container for a mantis with a 32 ounce clear deli container and a thin cloth or screen lid / other such plastic containers. For larger praying mantis insects, a one gallon clear water jug is suitable. Place several vent holes around the top of the container on all sides so that the praying mantis will have plenty of fresh air and place a sturdy wooden dow at a 45 degree angle, this will serve as a perch. Be sure to change or clean the container about once per week.

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BULK USDA APPROVED PRAYING MANTIS ORDER OPTIONS : BUY PRAYING MANTISES FOR PLANTS TO HELP MANAGE PESTS ON INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PLANTS ~ SOLD OUT (temporarilty out of stock) The following offers are best for you if you need a large number of mantids for your greenhouse, yard, garden, farm, barn, stables or anywhere you need to reduce or eliminate the number of pest insects. Praying mantis insects work indoors or outdoors! If you have a greenhouse or other large indoor area where you need to introduce praying mantis insects as part of an organic pest control program, the following bulk praying mantis offers are for you! This is also a great option for educators who wish to obtain a large number of praying mantis insects for classroom observation.

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BASIC MANTIS CARE : Basic Praying Mantis Care Instructions
1. MANTIS CONTAINERS : Mantis containers do not need to be very large and they do not need to be cluttered with plants. Do not put soil in mantis housing containers, just line the bottom of the container with plain white paper towels. One layer of paper towel pressed into the bottom of the container. We have discovered that the T sinensis and smaller types of mantis insects do very well in the insect housing containers with special ventilated lids. if you need to do so, buy a Praying Mantis Container with special ventilated lid offered on the upper portion of this page.

2. Food : if you do not have a supply of pest insects for the mantis insects to eat, you will need to obtain a supply. For the first few weeks the mantids will need USDA Approved Wingless Fruit Flies (fruit flies offered further down this page), later they will eat a combination of large fruit flies and crickets, then larger insects which you can wild collect along with crickets which can be obtained at most pet stores. When wild collecting insects, you take the risk of feeding mantids insects that have been exposed to pesticides which would kill your mantis within hours! Techniques to use for insuring that you do not feed your mantis pesticide tainted insects are described in the mantis care ebook.. While the mantis is a baby better known as hatchling or "nymph" (L1 L2 growth phase) they will eat only small insects. A combination of fruit flies and hatchling silkworms are an excellent diet for the baby mantis, they can also live on fruit flies only if you wish while they are this small, but later it is best to mix at least two types of food. Crickets fed with fish food flakes or even vitamin enriched dry cereal mixed with about 1/3 parts of powdered milk (feed to crickets dry and keep food dry in any cricket holding container). Crickets fed well are adequate as food for mantids if you can not locate any other types of feeder insects. Crickets are OK to feed the mantis only for about the first 8 days after the completion of a molt / skin shed, after the 8 day period, during the time right before a molt, you should use special techniques if you are left with no other choice than crickets as food for your praying mantis. If you can locate wild feeder insects, that will be fine as long as you know which insects to feed to them and which ones are best not offered to a mantis as food. Some insects are not even attractive to the mantis as food! As long as you know that insects in your yard and garden have not been exposed to pesticides, you may feed your mantis wild collected insects as listed in the advanced mantis care ebook. Again, some insects are harmful to mantids, some are not suitable as food, so be sure to see the list in the mantis care ebook offered on this web page. Make sure the size of the insect is small enough for the mantis to capture and eat easily, but large enough to be attractive and valuable to the mantis. Feeder insects should be no larger than 1/2 the size of the mantis.

3. Water : A brand new never before used spray mist bottle will be needed, use only purified water, tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals which will harm or kill a mantis! You should spray mist the lid of the container with 4 to 7 light mists once every 3 to 4 days. Do not keep the container absolutely wet! The mantids get most of the water they need from eating insects, but when they are kept in a container indoors water seems to be a must to keep the humidity adequate humidity level. A single layer of plain white paper towel should be placed on the floor of the container to prevent puddles of water and for slow release of moisture. Never allow puddles in a mantis container, they will drown the feeder insects and possibly the mantis. The paper towel prevents puddles while the water drips through the polly fabric coated ventilated or screen lid of a proper mantis container, so be sure to add the paper towel to the floor of your mantis container.. You will receive the mantis guide free with your order for live praying mantis insects. You also have the option to purchase the online praying mantis care guide, scroll down for the mantis guide purchase link. For more advanced praying mantis care information, see the ebook offer below. Scroll down to purchase the advanced praying mantis care ebook with mantis container instructions, mantis feeding instructions, information about molts / skin sheds and how to prevent harm to your mantis during that critical phase of mantis growth, instructions on quarantine for wild collected feeder insects, how to regulate the speed of growth for praying mantis insects, breeding, egg incubation instructions and more!

TIME SENSITIVE MANTIS ORDERS ~ If your order is time sensitive, you need your mantis order to arrive by a certain date, please be sure to send an email message to indicate so CLICK HERE TO INQUIRE ON ARRIVAL DATES FOR YOUR ORDER OR TO INDICATE THAT YOUR ORDER IS TIME SENSITIVE AND NEEDED BY A CERTAIN DATE~ Be sure to send a message if your order is time sensitive! This is important! Again, orders are usually sent out in 7-12 days. If you are concerned about a time frame, please be sure to inquire.

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1. You must be present upon arrival to collect the mantis (or fruit flies) upon or shortly delivery by USPS. You will be informed of the shipment date of your praying mantis insects via email. The shipment notice is sent a day or two in advance to arrival of your praying mantis insects. When choosing the standard shipping option (free shipping) the transit time is 2-3 days, the mail carrier (USPS) may leave the box on your porch or in your mailbox without a knock or notice. If you have upgraded shipping or have Express Overnight as the default shipping method, you will be required to sign for the delivery. 2-3 day transit, or overnight shipment does not indicate that your order will be shipped in that time frame. A notice is sent to you prior to and upon shipment to inform you of an estimated or exact arrival date. You must collect the mantids promptly upon arrival.

2. Open the box, inside you will find either small containers containing L1-L2 mantids, or slightly larger containers for L3 L4 and L5 sized mantids. Inspect to find the location of the mantis inside the container. They may be sitting upside down from the lid of the container where mantids stay most of the time. Some mantids may tuck themselves inside or under the moisture strip / transit perch inside the shipping container. Open the container near the permanent container you have prepared. Use a brand new spray mist bottle filled with purified water to provide a mist or two of water for the mantis immediately upon arrival.. Make sure not to create large puddles, but make sure a few droplets land on the mantids back and forearms and the surface upon the mantis sits. The mantis will notice the water and will drink. Allow the mantis to drink water unrestricted, wait to feed the mantis until after it stops drinking the water. Provide fruit flies for smaller mantids, provide crickets or other soft shelled insects for the larger sized mantids.

Shipping times will vary, it could at some times take a couple of months to ship out the mantids. Please understand this when you purchase. IF your order is extremely time sensitive, please send an email to to indicate so. Request an estimated time of shipment for your order if your order is time sensitive. Again, there are at times delays as the mantids are alive and several factors could delay shipment of them. If your order is late to arrive please contact me asap at Include your name and address and the item you ordered

United States Customers Only No sales to Hawaii ~ Your order will be rejected if you order from an area to which mantids are not shipped.

*Live Delivery guaranteed (*someone must be present to collect the praying mantis upon or shortly after delivery) not to sign, but to promptly collect the mantids. In the very rare event there is any problem with a mantis you must make contact by replying to the shipment notice message sent to you upon shipment of the mantis within one hour of arrival to report the problem. Extra mantis insects are often included. Replacements are sent if any problem occurs with the shipment that results in DOA, all sales are final upon placing an order. If at the time of your order mantis insects or fruit flies are on back order, your order will be shipped at the soonest possible time. If there is any problem with your mantis, failure to be present to collect the mantids and/or failure to send a notice of failure / DOA within one hour of delivery as recorded on the USPS tracking data, will void the live delivery guarantee.

Section about how to get rid of spider mites : We ship only inspected, spider mite / pest free plants. You can use mantis insects to control pets insects in an organic matter, praying mantis insects to help kill mites and other insects, but no single form of control will kill all the spider mites, two spotted mites or other types of mites on plants. An organic form of pest control to kill mites on plants is very hard to find. Again, no single form of control will eliminate spider mites!
HOW TO KILL MITES AND KEEP THEM FROM COMING BACK ~ (how to kill spider mites, how to kill two spotted mites, how to kill mites on plants) Tiny dots on plants along with webs on plants is a sign of mites. Mites are not easy to get rid of on plants in gardens and greenhouses! To kill mites, you must combine several techniques to totally eliminate mites of any kind. Using insecticides to kill mites is not usually a good idea. The mites become immune to regular insecticide sprays and mites can increase in number according to what kind of spray is used to kill mites. Some sprays will knock down mites initially but will not kill mite eggs. Mites will return and after a few generations even adult mites will not be killed by that same type of spray due to the mites developing immunity. When using mantids or any other form of control to get rid of mites you must take a three step approach. First, spray a knockdown spray such as pyrethrin based vegetable spray to kill mites. Then, a day or two later, apply a miticide which will kill adult mites and also kill mite eggs almost completely. Most of the eggs will be killed by the miticide spray but some will survive and hatch. Introduce small mantis insects after the two types of spray have dried completely. The mantids will forage and locate mites as more mites hatch on plants. When treating for plant mites in the 3 step approach, total elimination can be acheived in gardens and greenhouses. Mites can and often do kill plants over time. Introduction of predatory mites is not usually a good idea as feeder mites are often combined with predatory mites in packages to feed the predatory mites. Predatory mites are not easy to keep alive, if the predatory mites die off, you will be releasing more bad mites and maybe even a new type of bad mites on your plants! The three step approach to kill spider mites and other types of mites on plants is your only hope. Lacewings are another type of predatory insect that feeds on mites, but the mantis may be much more efficient at reducing mites than the lacewing inects would be. If you need to get rid of mites on plants, be sure to try the three step approach to killing mites as described above. The only other option to killing all the mites on plants and killing mite eggs along with introducing predator insects on the plants is to eliminate all the mites on plants in a garden or greenhouse is to destroy all plants themselves! Then you would need to bleach the area where plants are grown if indoors or in a greenhouse, wait at least 45 days to reintroduce plants into the garden and start from seedlings. If starting with established plants from a plant farm or nursery may re-introduce mites and other pest insects, so seedlings are a must! It is best to use the 3 step approach for killing mites before it is too late!

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WHEN YOU ORDER LIVE PRAYING MANTISES : If you have placed a live praying mantis order, be sure to collect the package within an hour two of arrival. Never allow your live praying mantis to sit in a hot mail box or in direct sun on your porch during hot or cold weather. We guarantee live arrival. The guarantee applies only if you contact us to report and problems within 2 hours of arrival as recorded on the USPS tracking. Extra praying mantises are often sent, replacement mantids are sent to you if there is a problem upon delivery.

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